University of Malawi, Chancellor College


Selected Publications

  1. Iacone LA, Masamba WRL, Nam SH, Zhang H, Minnich MG, Okino A, Montaser A Formation and fundamental characteristics of novel free-running helium inductively coupled plasmas, JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL ATOMIC SPECTROMETRY 15 (5): 491-498 2000
  2. Iacone LA, Minnich MG, Masamba WRL, Nam SH, Montaser A, Michel RG, High-speed video images of helium inductively coupled plasmas for mass spectrometry, Pectrochimica Acta Part B-Atomic Spectroscopy 54 (13): 1919-1928, 1999
  3. Aitken RA, Masamba W, Wilson NJ, Flash vacuum pyrolysis of dichlorophosphines over magnesium: Generation and reactivity of simple phosphinidenes Tetrahedron Letters 38 (48): 8417-8420 DEC 1 1997
    Aitken RA, Cowley AH, Gabbai FP, et al. Gas-phase generated phosphinidenes as a route to phosphorus heterocycles - Formation of the first 3H-phosphindole Phosphorus Sulfur And Silicon and the Related Elements 111 (1-4): 814-814 1996



Selected Publications

  1. Torto N, Mwatseteza J, Sawula G . A study of microdialysis sampling of metal ions. 

ANALYTICA CHIMICA ACTA 456 (2): 253-261 APR 8 2002.