University of Botswana

  • Mass Spectrometry

Finnigan Mat SSQ7000 Mass Spectrometer; single quadrupole with GC-MS, CI, APCI and ESI facilities. Recently acquired state of the art bench-top LCQ deca Mass Spectrometer with APCI, ES and handspray facilities

  • Atomic absorption/ emission spectrophotometers
    • Varian spectra AA400 + with Zeeman GTA-9696 flameless atomiser
    • Varian spectra AA-10 with GTA –96 graphite tube atomiser
    • Varian AA –1275 Corning 410 Flame photometer
  • Chromatographs (both normal bore and microbore systems)
  • Gas chromatographs

Sigma 4 Perkin Elmer, Perkin Elmer autosystem, Varian 3400, Pye Unican PV4550 HPLCs. Shimadzu LC –1018, Perkin Elmer integral 4000 LC,
Waters 410 with waters 600 MS AND 490 MS, Waters 410, GPC

  • Ion Chromatographs
    • Dionex DX 100, Dionex DX 500
  • Crystal capillary electrograph with conductivity, UV/Vis and laser induced fluorescence detection
  • Electrochemistry workstations including metrohm 663VA stand, Amel polarographs
  • Ultraviolet/ visible spectrophotometers wit PC data processors, Hitachi iso –210 Shimadzu UV –2100 PC
  • Conventional and Fourier transforms infrared spectrophotometers; Perkin Elmer system 2000 FTIR, Mattson instrument 4020 galaxy series, Pye Unican SP3–3005
  • TG, DSC, thermal analyser
  • ICP-MS facilities
  • SEM facility
  • Elemental analyser

Support facilities include

  • Wall mounted Water purification systems; alpha Q
  • Millipore unit, UHQ- PS elgastat, milliQ gradient A10
  • Several computer facilities
  • Glass blowing facilities and well stocked chemical stores